Welcome to Chronolit, a blogging site for my (and hopefully your) journey through 4,000 years of classic literature. Each week I will try to read a classic work of literature, starting from the earliest works and reading in chronological order (hence the name of the blog), comment on it, and invite you to comment too. I am NOT an English Literature professor, I can’t read languages other than English, and I do work full time, so if I can do this, so can you. My comments won’t be full of obscure literary analysis, so it is meant for everyone to join in. Read with me, or check in every now and then to see where I am.


    • Thanks for reaching out. I haven’t reviewed new books before and certainly don’t feel qualified to give meaningful feedback on your work. My best wishes for your success.


      • Okay. maybe in the future? I love your website and wanted to tell you that if you do, I have written a book for Petrarch, which you may be interested in. (along with many more). I write with a reverence for the bards of old.

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