Tilting at windmills?

Its been five months now since I added a new classic read to my quest, at the very point which I had been so keen on reaching : the age of Shakespeare and Elizabethan drama. The biggest stumbling block has been my own distraction in other areas – if I haven’t been out mammal watching or bird watching, I’ve been daydreaming about doing so – watching nature documentaries, browsing field guides and identifying species to look for and planning day trips to local national parks. This all leaves my reading abandoned. When I have picked up a Shakespeare play, I have managed to finish Act I but not returning to it for days in which time the momentum has dissipated.

So now its make or break time. My solution is to bypass Shakespeare for now (he deserves better than my recent half-arsed efforts) and pick up something in the early 1600s that I can get stuck into and not be discouraged to continue. So why not go big? Cervantes’ Don Quixote, voted the greatest book of all time by the Nobel Institute, at a mere 980-odd pages is sitting on my shelf. Let’s go out in glory with the Ingenious Hidalgo of La Mancha and his trusty squire Sancho Panza! ¡Olé!


  1. So many people are having trouble blogging (hand up) or reading (other hand up) these days. At first with the pandemic I liked being hunkered down with books, but that has worn off and I am chomping at the bit to trail walk. So I’ve discovered days and times when there are less people-Wednesday morning-and I just go. I hope you are able to start reading again, but if not, why not write about the outdoorsy things you are doing or dreaming of? Think of it as ChronoNature!!

    As an aside, because you live in an entirely different area of the world from me, and I love nature, I would love to read about your nature treks and plans.

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