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Classics reading has definitely taken a back seat in 2020, but you would be forgiven for thinking it had fallen out of the car altogether. The honest truth is that my reading in general has suffered a severe lack of interest compared to my other interests, with no new posts since September and still not seeing more than a day off at a time from work. I’m hoping to jump start things over the holiday season, and making 2021 the year of Shakespeare. While waiting for the curtain to rise, I wish everyone a happy and safe festive season and a better New Year for everyone.


  1. I can relate. I have struggled with writing. Reading has been fine but I lacked blogging enthusiasm so I decided to take off the month of September. Then October. Then most of November.

    We have to do what we have to do…. I hope you get some down time soon and feel back on track.

    I wish you very well this holiday season and a productive 2021 with the Bard!

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  2. You are not alone. A lot of us have experienced this year the same, w/ too many distractions and disappointments to focus on reading and blogging. : (

    I had to disconnect from the world (news, social media), and it has helped a lot.

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  3. Thanks for everyone’s comments. I think my reading slump is mostly down to two things : I’m either too tired after work to pick up a book when I can instead mindlessly watch TV (particularly Classic British Comedies) to lighten and refresh, or when I do have both energy and time, I am preferring to spend it outside enjoying nature.

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