Providing feedback on Chronolit

WordPress does a good job combing out spam messages but I do have to occasionally wade through the folder and delete offers to buy pharmaceuticals or comment on football results. Sometimes there are comments which seem to be directed towards my posts, either praising or criticizing, but without specific details mentioning the actual content of the post. I delete these too, so my apologies if anyone has left a legitimate comment only to be ignored. If you are making a general comment about the blog, please put something specific to the post when you write. I’m happy (well, not happy, but accepting) of negative comments providing they are legitimately connected to content.

Thanks. As you were.



  1. I love the spam comments – well, some of them anyway! I’ve noticed recently there’s been a slight change from the “Great blog post! I have bookmarked you!” type to the “Your post is rubbish and you’re an idiot” type. Maybe they think they’ll get our attention more by insulting us… 😉

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    • I check maybe once a week and delete everything unless it specifically mentions the book or characters in the post. There seems to be an increase in negative comments but again too vague to believe genuine

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