Classics Club List for 2019

A recent email from The Classics Club reminded me that when I joined and posted a list of 50 titles in 2016, I never advised the Club formally when I finished, nor posted lists for the next 100 titles either. In the meantime, I was understandably moved to the Member Archive.

So starting afresh, here is a list of the next 50 titles covering over 1000 years of literature, which I hope will all be read by the end of 2019 (let’s say June 2020 just in case)

√ Chattering Courtesans Lucian
√ Meditations Marcus Aurelius
√ Kama Sutra
√ Aethiopica Heliodorus
√ The Loom of Time Kalidasa
√ Confessions St Augustine
√ Secret History Procopius
√ Consolation of Philosophy Boethius
√ The Koran
√ Dream of the Rood Anonymous
√ Ecclesiastical History, including Caedmon’s Hymn Venerable Bede
The Voyage of Bran
Juliana Cynewulf
Fates of the Apostles Cynewulf
Elene Cynewulf
The Ascension Cynewulf
Life of St Brendan
Life of King Alfred Asser
The Phoenix
Lay of Hildebrand
Pastoral Care Gregory I
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
Diamond Sutra
Book of 1001 nights anonymous
The Battle of Maldon
Exeter Book (incl The Ruin, The Wanderer, The Seafarer…)
Wulf and Eadwacer
Tale of the Bamboo Cutter
Diary of Lady Murasaki
The Tale of Genji
The Song of Roland
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
The Domesday Book
History of the Kings of England Geoffrey of Monmouth
Brut Layamon
Praise of God’s creation St Francis of Assisi
Njal’s saga
Ancrene Riwle or Ancrene Wisse
The Owl and the Nightingale
Havelok the Dane
Travels of Marco Polo da Pisa
Sir Orfeo
Morte Arthure (alliterative)
Divine Comedy Dante Aligheri
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
The Decameron Boccaccio
The Book of the Duchess Chaucer




  1. Mr Books always says that deadlines are meant to be broken – I just think they should be flexible – so having two dates like you’ve done above works just fine for me 🙂

    Good luck with list 2.

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  2. Wow, ambitious list! Though maybe not by your high standards. I think there are only three or four that I have in mind to read one day, but for many I will be waiting to see what you think before I decide if I’m going to read myself. Only one have I read – The Arabian Nights, though not the full 1,001, frankly even the selection that I read of the most popular stories was repetitive enough, I don’t think I could have managed a 7-8 volume complete collection!

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