Another Classic Club spin Aug 2018

The new head honchos at The Classics Club have announced a classics spin for August.

To play, you make a list of 20 titles of your own “To Be Read” classics, and post your spin list on your blog before the 1st of August. On that day, they will announce the chosen number between 1 and 20, and players will try to finish the corresponding book on their own list before the end of the month.

In previous spins, I have tried to read all the books on my spin list between 1 and the chosen number to maintain my chronological quest. Obviously there is a risk with a high number chosen that I won’t get the chance to eat, drink, wash or sleep throughout August. Ah well, some things must be sacrificed in the name of literature!

Here is my Spin List. Perhaps I can survive a high number.

  1. Oedipus by Seneca
  2. Agamemnon by Seneca
  3. Apocolocyntosis by Seneca
  4. Thyestes by Seneca
  5. The Phoenecian Women by Seneca
  6. Satyricon by Petronius
  7. Octavia (wrongly attributed to) Seneca
  8. New Testament : Matthew
  9. New Testament : Mark
  10. New Testament : Luke
  11. New Testament : John
  12. New Testament : Acts
  13. New Testament : Epistles
  14. New Testament : Revelation
  15. Natural History [selections] by Pliny
  16. The Jewish War by Jospehus
  17. Parallel Lives I (The Rise and Fall of Athens) by Plutarch
  18. Parallel Lives II (Sparta) by Plutarch
  19. Parallel Lives III (The Age of Alexander) by Plutarch
  20. The Kama Sutra

and I am willing to bet now which number my blog followers are hoping for!


  1. Quite the list. Apart from the Biblical choices, and just a bit of Josephus, I’m unfamiliar with most. Enjoy!


    • Thanks JE. The New Testament HAS to be a better read than the OT, and anyway it is pretty much required reading for the rest of Western literature. They’ll all be new to me. Good luck with your own spin and congrats on finishing your 100 quest too!!


  2. So number 9 it is! Gospel according to St Mark. A necessary read and will spur me on to finish Seneca and get truly stuck into the NT this month. I’ll have to ease up on the 1000+ page Stephen Kings for a while.


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