Don’t call Cheat!!! The Classics Club Spin March/April 2018

The Classics Club ( ) has announced their new spin number for the months of March and April.

For those unfamiliar, the concept is that you create a list of twenty classics (before the spin number is decided), and then read the title on your list which matches the number they announce aiming to finish the book by the deadline, in this case April 30th. This is the seventeenth time they have run this spin challenge.

As I read my classics in as close to chronological order as I can, I make my challenge to read all the titles on my list down to the chosen number e.g. if the spin number is thirteen, I try to read books 1 through to 13 on my list. Since I am traveling throughout April, I wasn’t confident I could participate this time given the vagaries of travel.

The announcement of the spin number being 3 however, means I only have to read the next three books on my list, which are

  • The Early History of Rome by Livy
  • Chaireas and Kallirhoe by Chariton
  • The Love Poetry (Elegies) of Propertius

This seems manageable so I will add my hat to the ring. After all I already had the list created so its not really cheating …..     😉


  1. It takes some serious resolve somedays especially struggling through Greek philosophy (although the Greek plays and the Indian epics were great). There aren’t as many Roman authors so I am looking forward to reaching medieval England and Shakespeare. I have read many of the ‘biggies’ but there are always so many more it seems. Reading in chronological order means (i) i didn’t unintentionally miss any important authors that are mentioned or imitated later, (ii) I don’t have to think too hard what I am reading next, (iii) I force myself to read things I had avoided (The Old Testament), and (iv) it can get monotonous so in between i read 2-3 other books : sf, fantasy, historical, childrens and young adults, bestsellers, whodunnits …. I am enjoying the challenge but realise it will take years – its been three years this july and Ive read 166 so far 😀


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