The Plan for 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Firstly a quick recap on my reading year in 2017 :

Classics read and blogged here on Chronolit : 55. Not as many as I had hoped perhaps, but this included finally reaching the end of both the Ancient Greeks and the Old Testament : both significant and exhausting goals, so got to be happy with that, right?

The Popsugar challenge was abandoned pretty early on as too random and distracting for my tastes, leaving me free to read more in genres I enjoy but have neglected, while the shared reading of the Wheel of Time series and the Oz books has been put on hold for the moment by the parent blogger.

I had confidently aimed for a total of 120 books in 2017, but it turns out that I only have 101 finished for Dec 31, and this included some graphic novels and audio plays. May and November were very low reading months, but in fairness I was working 3 jobs for much of the year.

So. on to 2018 and, of course, I am setting even bigger goals!

Firstly is the Classics and my aim is to read 60 books in 2018, which will bring me to the end of the 2nd century AD and the Roman authors finished. I will also aim for finishing the New Testament, with one chapter per weekday, and blog posts as I finish each of the 27 Books. These titles will get priority seating.

On the non-Classics front, I will be aiming for 12 Wodehouse comedies, 24 SF/Fantasy/Horror titles (including YA fantasy) and 12 Historical fiction/Biographies/Histories or Whodunnits through the year, for a total of 135.

Oh, and there is also another 37 titles on my Childhood memories TBR (to be revisited) list, which brings me to a grand total of 172, so that’s only 70% more than I managed in 2017. Easy, huh? Maybe 100 pages a day. Especially as I still have at least 2 jobs at last count, a week at the Commonwealth Games in Queensland and a walking adventure in Cornwall to pack in there as well. But easily reached targets are no challenge, right?

Thanks for keeping me company in 2017 and I wish you all a similarly successful and spectacular, safe and satisfying 2018!!!!




  1. 101 books read in 2017? That is amazing! Congratulations! It may have been less than you wanted, but it’s pretty impressive. Where did you find the time?
    Good luck with your 2018 reading goals and have fun with some other non-reading events as well. πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year!


  2. But you’ve forgotten to include Martin Edwards’ 100 classic crime novels! So that takes your target to 272 – no problem. Just give up work, sleep and any form of social life and you’ll be fine. And have a great 2018, reading-wise and otherwise!


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