137. Rudens (The Rope) by Plautus (c.198 BC)

Plot:  A missing daughter, washed ashore after a shipwreck, is pursued by her captor who wants her for his brothel. A trunk full of treasure, a fishing net (with ropes!), and a shrine to Venus all play their part in restoring her to her family.

My copy was the Penguin Black Classic, The Rope and other plays, by Plautus, translated by E. F. Watling (ISBN 0140441360)

My thoughts:  More obvious fodder for Shakespeare. This was also a fun read, particularly as Labrax the pimp is thwarted, then mystifyingly invited into the general revelry at the end. The beach setting was also a welcome change from the street scenes of the previous plays.

Personal rating:  6/10

Also in that year: Rome helps the Greek states to throw off Macedonian control and regain their independence (200-196 BC)

Next : Aulularia (The Pot of Gold), another comedy from Plautus (c.195 BC)

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