What happened to May?

Almost the end of the month and the classics reading has ground to a halt, run aground on the hidden reef of Aristotle’s Metaphysics which I cannot seem to pick up for any length of time before something more interesting like washing the dishes intrudes. I’m not ready to throw the tea towel in quite yet, but ….

I will also have to start reading new  popular releases as … <drum roll, please>  ………… I now have a second part-time job, but this one is in a BOOKSHOP!!!    The species may be on the endangered list but not quite extinct in the wild yet. Starting Monday.  I wonder how much staff discount I can get? 🙂


  1. Woohoohoo!! Congrats! What a great job – massive staff discounts I hope, and sneaky reading on breaks! Throw Aristotle away and start making lists… 😀


  2. Thanks FF, hopefully reality will be as pleasant as imagination. I won’t ditch Ari yet, but I do need to balance reading, work, family, keeping fit, chores and Netflix a little better 😉


  3. Oh, and I managed to get a great deal on an airfare to London next year so that I can start walking the Lands End – John O’Groats – another dream ticked! its been a good week.
    I plan to walk from Lands End to Plymouth for the first leg and I saw one hiking author suggesting cutting off the cover of Moby Dick and taking that if you plan to walk the whole thing in one go, as it is the most value for weight. Not bloody likely!!!!! I may have to invest in an ebook reader instead,


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