Month: May 2017

What happened to May?

Almost the end of the month and the classics reading has ground to a halt, run aground on the hidden reef of Aristotle’s Metaphysics which I cannot seem to pick up for any length of time before something more interesting like washing the dishes intrudes. I’m not ready to throw the tea towel in quite yet, but ….

I will also have to start reading new  popular releases as … <drum roll, please>  ………… I now have a second part-time job, but this one is in a BOOKSHOP!!!    The species may be on the endangered list but not quite extinct in the wild yet. Starting Monday.  I wonder how much staff discount I can get? 🙂


Annual charity book fair

This morning I yielded to temptation (again!) and visited our town’s annual charity book fair. Running for a week and held at the local racecourse, there were tens of thousands of second hand books to wander through with most paperbacks at $2 each and hardcovers at $3.
I took one carry bag with me to try and restrict myself somewhat, and came away with about 20 titles, all in excellent physical condition, to add to my TBR mountain. For $2 each, how many of these would you have taken home?

Penguin classics (strictly in the interests of this blog of course)

For the mystery shelves, two very different titles

Related to these is my quest to collect copies of Agatha Christie’s mysteries of a particular edition with covers I personally quite like, which came out 10 years (?) ago but I failed to acquire at the time. For such a best selling author, I think the covers of earlier publishings were either ugly or bland, but these are very nice.

A random brick from the travel tables

And some later volumes of some fantasy series I have to catch up on