Another Classics Club spin

Yes, the Classics Club have announced another spin. The challenge for classics lovers is to create a list of 20 titles and when the random spin is announced next Friday, the challenge is to read the correspondingly numbered title by May 1.   See more at

Since my readings for this blog are in roughly chronological order, I am loathe to skip titles to get to the one matching the number, so what I have tried in the past is to read all titles up to the one matching the number by the deadline, and have been mostly successful so far.

I was going to give it a miss this time, as I have a few things on my plate right now, but what the heck – I happen to have twenty titles left of the 4th century (most of them Aristotle) so maybe this will help push me through. Here goes…wish me luck.

1 Historia animalium (History of animals) Aristotle
2 De partibus animalium  (On parts of animals) Aristotle
3 De motu animalium (On motion of animals) Aristotle
4 De generatione animalium (On generation of animals) Aristotle
5 Organon  (logic) Aristotle
6 Metaphysics Aristotle
7 Nicomachean Ethics Aristotle
8 Poetics Aristotle
9 Politics Aristotle
10 Rhetoric Aristotle
11 The Athenian Constitution Aristotle
12 Physics Aristotle
13 speeches Demosthenes
14 Enquiry into plants Theophrastus
15 Characters Theophrastus
16 Dyskolos Menander
17 Elements of Geometry (c. 300 BC) Euclid
18 Writings Zhuangzi
19 Writings Mencius
20 The Old Testament : the Prophets


  1. Haha! It will be no surprise to learn I’ve read precisely none of your list! Hope you get one you enjoy – I hope you get Nicomachean Ethics, since I’d quite like to find out what that is… 😉


  2. I must confess my list does not fill me with joy (sorry, Marie Kondo) but it will make the likes of Elizabethan drama all the more sweeter when I get there in a couple of years’ time (gak!)


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