Not finishing everything on my plato

Ok I have looked ahead and made the decision to NOT read the rest of Plato except for The Laws (which is a biggie) and Timeaus and Critias (which at least sound interesting).

So I will be pushing the following Brussels sprouts to the side : Parmenides, Theaetetus, The Sophist, The Statesman, and Philebus. After all, life is short, and I’ll never get to Dickens if I don’t make some concessions.

After all, as Socrates himself said : “Party on, dudes!”


  1. I feel your pain re. Plato! I’ve read Meno, Protagorus, and now Gorgias, all of which boggled my mind! What’s left on my list: Last Days of Socrates (I think that is a worthy read), Phaedrus (I own it, which is partly why it’s on the list!), The Laws (which I’m very nervous about), The Republic (marginally less nervous but still nervous), and The Symposium, which is a re-read, I did like it. But all in all, it’s troubling. Aristotle also terrifies me (I’ve got Ethics, On the Soul, Constitution of the Athenians, The Politics, and Rhetoric on my list. If I may be honest (and indeed downright offensive to Ancient Greek scholars) I wish I could ditch the 4th Century BC! I really really miss the 5th Century B.C. (except Herodotus, found that one especially difficult). That was a very good century indeed 🙂


    • Couldnt agree more, o – the 5th century is so rich in literature.
      Nervously looking forward, I have all of Aristotle before me after I finish Plato. I am committed to reading The Laws, and I think Timaeus and Critias (the latter mentions Atlantis) will be o – and since there is no agreement on chronology for Aristotle, I will probably start him with the comfort zone of his natural histories, then the rest of the sciences, then the ethics, etc.
      Today I am taking some down time with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in a joint read of the Oz series for the next 14 months. very light and easy after listening to Socrates philosophize. 🙂


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