Another Classics Club spin

Twice I have participated in the Classics Club spin, where readers create a list of twenty classics from their reading list, and number them 1-20. The Club selects a number (to be announced on Monday) and all the ‘spinners’ attempt to read the corresponding title on their individual lists before December 1.

Because I am trying to read my titles in approximately chronological order, in my previous two spin efforts I kept my titles in order, and read all the titles up to and including the matching title. The first time was a bit of a struggle as I had to mail order one of the books and it took longer to arrive than I expected, ( I guess I could have bought it as an ebook), but both times I was successful.
This time I am facing a long list of Plato’s philosophy and politics (most of which seem to be short but very convoluted), and Xenophon’s histories (which are much longer), so I am not sure how successful my version of the spin will be. But it may help push me a little harder to finish the Greeks, so what’s the worst that can happen?? ūüôā
My list is
1   Plato        Hippias Major and Minor    ♥
2   Aristophanes    Wealth    ♥
3   Plato          Euthydemus     ♥
4   Plato           Euthyphro    ♥
5   Plato           Apology   ♥
6   Plato           Crito   ♥
7   Plato           Phaedo   ♥
8   Plato          Gorgias  ♥
9   Plato          Menexenus   ♥
10  Plato        Protagorus   ♥
11   Plato         Meno   ♥
12   Plato         Cratylus   ♥
13   Xenophon   Memoribilia
14   Xenophon   Apology (defence of Socrates)
15   Xenophon    Economics 
16   Xenophon   Symposium (Banquet)
17   Xenophon   Miscellaneous writings  Horsemanship, Cavalry, Dogs, Ways and Means
18   Xenophon  Anabasis    ♥
19   Xenophon  Agesilaus
20   Plato           The Republic

To many observers, this is not a particularly tasty or tempting list, but I am committed now, so on I go, and will read some scifi and murder mysteries in the background. Roll on Monday!


  1. I love Plato’s Apology but I have so many others yet to read of his that I can’t really compare. I have lovely dreams of reading Xenophon in Greek. I should give up those dreams and just read him in English otherwise I may never read him at all. :-Z Best of luck with your spin. I’m very curious to see what you’ll get!

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