The Youtube Classics Book tag list

Saw a video on Youtube this morning which was based around a list of ten questions about people’s reading of classics. No Ancient Greek in evidence, but since we haven’t had a list on here for awhile, here are the questions with my answers:

1. Overhyped classic I really didn’t like : Wuthering Heights *ack* a book full of characters without a single redeeming quality between them

2. Fave time period to read about: not so much a single period but fave stories set in times, obviously Regency (Austen), Victorian (Dickens) but also American west pioneers

3. Fave fairy tale : mmm nothing leaps out – maybe Rumplestiltskin

4. The classic I am embarassed I haven’t read : Most of Shakespeare

5. Top 5 classics to pick up soon : Well, this blog kind of dictates where I go next.

6. Fave modern series based on a classic : *Guilty pleasure confession time* the extensions to The Little House on the Prairie books, looking at the lives of Laura’s mother, grandmother, great grandmother and daughter. Out of print but I bought copies years ago which I have only just got around to reading

7. Fave adaptation : the  BBC Ehle and Firth Pride and Prejudice production. Brilliant acting all round

8. Worst adaptation : I think it was the 1940 Hollywood version of Pride and Prejudice with left over costumes from Gone with the Wind. The buggy race home from church to spread the news of the new arrivals was like a Chaplin version of Ben Hur – I turned off there and then

9. Fave edition of classics to collect : I like the Penguin Black Classics (no surprises there) _ I have a few Folio Society but it really depends on the style of illustrations they choose for the volume

10. Underhyped classic : definitely Silas Marner by George Eliot – loved it , but also The Monk by Matthew Lewis

Do we have any takers to comment back with their list?



  1. I read Silas Marner in junior high school – it was the only set text I loved throughout high school and have re-read every few years since. It is melodrama heaven. ‘Eppie in da Cole hole” is the funniest line in literature 😀


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