Another Classics Club spin!

The meta-literary bloggers website Classics Club ( is running another spin starting Monday June 6 and finishing August 1. The idea is to pick 20 of your to-read books, and when the spin number (1-20) is announced on Monday, to read your corresponding book before the August deadline.

My spin on their spin (which I achieved – just – last time) is to read up to their number before the deadline e.g. if the number is 14, I have to read all books 1-14 on my list. Since I have at least 20 Greek plays in order to read next before striking out into the more intellectual forests of Plato and Aristotle, this seems a good way of pushing through. Wish me luck!

So my next twenty books are, in order,

1 Electra Euripides
2 Heracles Euripides
3 The women of Troy Euripides
4 The Birds Aristophanes
5 Ion Euripides
6 Iphigenia among the Taurians Euripides
7 Helen Euripides
8 The Thesmophoriazusae Aristophanes
9 Lysistrata Aristophanes
10 The Phonecian Women Euripides
11 Philoctetes Sophocles
12 The Cyclops Euripides
13 Orestes Euripides
14 Oedipus at Colonus Sophocles
15 Electra Sophocles
16 The Bacchae Euripides
17 Iphigenia at Aulis Euripides
18 The Frogs Aristophanes
19 The Ecclesiazusae (Assemblywomen) Aristophanes
20 Wealth Aristophanes


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