And the lucky number is ….

8 !! 

So my target before May 2nd for the Classics Club spin

is to read The Knights by Aristophanes.

Before The Knights, I will have to read Women of Trachis and Oedipus Rex, by Sophocles ; The Children of Heracles, Hippolytus, Andromache, and Hecuba by Euripides, and the earlier Acharnians by Aristophanes. This is not part of the Classics Club spin challenge, but self-imposed by my own proviso to try and read the classics in chronological order.Since there are 8 weeks to the deadline (coincidence? I think not 😉 ), all I have to do is average one play a week, and I will make the cut.

I hope to finish Thucydides today, and then divert to something off my shelves (perhaps Edgar Rice Burroughs’ The Lost Continent or Stephen Baxter’s Mammoth) before beginning the plays.

Good luck to all fellow Classic Club spinners. I hope you got something you will enjoy, or at least you will enjoy getting off your list.

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