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It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks as my eldest child left home to study in another city, and my classics reading has been a casualty of the preparations and sadness. I am starting Medea as promised soon, but in the meantime I will post my comments on the last play by Aeschylus : Prometheus Bound. Although it is dated twenty eight years after The Eumenides, I read it when I read his other plays and had the book in hand, and wrote the review in advance to slot in when I reached 430 BC. As you will see from my comments, some scholars attribute the long gap in years to the belief that Aeschylus’ son rather than Aeschylus himself wrote Prometheus Bound. Either way, it was my favourite of the plays in the Aeschylus canon. It was performed only a year after Medea so the chronology is not too disrupted and I would rather send out another post or two before the end of the month. Enjoy!

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