My ratings scale

I felt the urge when I started this blog to rate each title out of 10. This is obviously highly subjective and occasionally a bit random, and after thirty titles, has the danger of being just a smidge inconsistent. But I felt it would be valuable to me when I am hundreds of titles into the project, and give other readers something to disagree about.

With some degree of hindsight, here is my ranking scale:

1     Miserable beyond belief! I want those hours of my life back.
2     I did not like it.
3     mmm ok I suppose
4     It was ok
5     I liked it
6     Quite good
7      I liked it a lot
8     Very good
9     Exceptional . Will read again.
10    Absolutely brilliant! One of the best things written in the history of mankind!

At the time of this post, the highest I have given anything is an 8 (the Ramayana) and the lowest a 1 (Theognis) so I am harder to impress than disappoint! Given I would probably buy my own copy of anything rated 9 or 10, my budget should be safe for a while.

Of course, my dog Kimmy also occasionally rates a book she enjoys, but she remains silent on her particular scale.

PS it also allows me to do a bit of meaningless comparison across authors. For example, Homer’s two works merited a 7 and a 7.5, giving some support to the idea they were written by the same author, while the two works of Hesiod got a 7 and a 2, making me seem to agree with those who feel the two works were written by different authors. Far from conclusive, but a bit of fun. I can also compare authors based on the average of my rankings for their respective works, so I will soon see how the three Greek tragedians compare and if I agree with the Festival judges!


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