While you are waiting … The Mahabharata

I have started on an abridged version of the Mahabharata – only 800 pages instead of the 30 VOLUME set in my local university library. I am disregarding the warning by the editor in his introduction that it is “common throughout large parts of India is a superstition that reading the Mahabharata (or at least reading all of it) brings misfortune” and instead focusing on the actual promises in the first section, of the great boons granted to any one who reads or repeats even a small part.

My copy is a Penguin Classic abridged and translated by John D. Smith (9780670084159) which took him over ten years to complete, so will understand if I don’t finish it quickly. 🙂

We have also passed 100 views for this little blog, and considering its focus, I am pleased to have had that much notice in the first three months.

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