Books for August 2015

I am halfway through the Iliad by Homer (my copy is a Penguin edition edited by E. V. Rieu). but looking forward a little, I thought I would post the likely titles for August. In my order, they are

  • The Odyssey (Homer)
  • The Book of Songs, or Shih Ching (Chinese poetry, roughly contemporary to Homer)
  • The Book of Changes, or I Ching (Chinese book of divination)
  • The Upanishads
  • Theogony, and Works and Days (Hesiod)  c. 700 BC
  • Elegies (Theognis)
  • The Homeric Hymns (not written by Homer 🙂 )

That should be enough to be going along with for now. Happy reading, and watch for my review of The Iliad in coming days.

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