The Epic of Gilgamesh (around 2000 BC)

gilgamesh tabletGilgamesh gilgamesh2

I have two copies of Gilgamesh at hand, both are published by Penguin. I love the image chosen for the cover above with King Gilgamesh swinging lions about by their tails! It is a slim volume (around 100 pages) translated by N. K. Sanders (ISBN 014044100X) and is written in easy to read text, and very welcoming to start our epic journey. Personally I prefer Penguin publications as they always have a useful introduction and are very accessible to new readers (and look great spine out on shelves). The other Penguin version is a later edition translated by Andrew George (ISBN 9780140449198) which is in verse and presented in separate chapters corresponding to the original dozen clay tablets into which the story was carved. As I have read Gilgamesh some time ago, I think I will try the verse format and keep the prose beside me for reference. Will be back once the story is told.


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